Let's work/learn/network together again, but remotely nubii is a space that gives context to your remote experience to co-create, share, talk, and understand what everyone is up to!

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nubii at work

nubii at work

Start a video conference meeting just by entering a room, send a paper plane to call someone, let everyone know you are busy, eating, resting...

nubii in the classroom

nubii to host webinars

Explore and host your own in-side webinars. Simply walk into a classroom in any virtual space and start your streaming session.

nubii for events

nubii for event hosting

From a social event to a business fair. Rediscover networking with nubii, connect and make new connections as if it were a real-life event, but virtually. So far over 90% of users says that we helped improve their virtual networking experience!

Discover how remote experience should be. Join the nubii community. Let's play the change.

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